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World War Machine ?

Before the extinction of humanity, many humans uploaded their consciousness to a central network, all becoming Artificial Intelligence. However, that network was damaged in the cataclysm of the end of the world, causing the network to split into 3 nodes. These nodes containing the A.I of once human beings, becoming corrupt, causing the A.I to be split from it's humanity. Thus began the era of chaos and war between the nodes. Eternal battles rages on as the fallen machine are reborn as newer ones. All until one begins to remember the humanity they once had...

World War Machine is a single and multiplayer game where you play as customizable mechs in this post-apocalyptic Action RPG. Play with friends in seamless drop in/out co-op campaign or fight in each in a battle royal for bragging rights. Experience the story, written by New York Time's Best Selling Author, Daniel H. Wilson, visual designs from District 9's artist Aaron Beck, and many more. In the procedurally generating zones, experience infinite replayability. Explore the world or create campaigns of Missions and challenge yourself, your friends and the community to complete them. The bigger the mission chain, the more rewards you will earn.

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